How can I contact another member?

Sliding right a member's profile will add you to their "Liked Me" list, so that's already a great start! Here are some other ways of initiating contact:

  • Send a Super Swipe - This will let them know you said "Yes" to their profile. Just tap the star icon, select an emoji and send. First Class members can send up to 5 Super Swipes per day.

  • Send a Swipe Note - First Class members can send a chat message before matching with another member. Tap the envelope icon, write your message and send.

  • Send a message - Once you have matched with someone, you can start communicating by chat. Check your "Matches" tab, and tap on the match to open the chat window. Type in your message and send. You can also send a photo from here.

Additional Super Swipes and Swipe Notes can be purchased via the subscription screen. Matches expire after 18 days, so be sure to get in touch before they disappear!