How do I manage my photos?

Navigate to your profile via the menu and tap the pencil "Edit" icon. From here you can add, change or delete your photos.

  • To add a new photo, just tap the + icon and choose from Take Photo, Attach/Choose Photo or Facebook Photo.

    You may need to grant JSwipe or Facebook access to your photos. These accesses can be managed via your device settings or your Facebook account respectively.

    If you wish to add photos from your Instagram account, tap Connect and enter your Instagram credentials.

  • To change your main profile photo, tap on the photo you'd like to be your new main photo and drag it to the main photo location.

  • To delete a photo, just tap on the X. On Android devices, you will be asked to confirm the deletion before your photo is removed.

You must always have at least 1 photo uploaded to your profile as your main profile picture. This photo can be changed, but not deleted.